Ski Idaho License Plates Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Ski Idaho License Plates Celebrate 20th Anniversary


Ski Idaho License Plates Celebrate 20th Anniversary


“The Ski Idaho license plate is one of the oldest specialty license programs in Idaho. We are proud to help promote Idaho’s ski industry, as well as the other specialty license programs that raise money for worthy causes.” –DMV Vehicle Registrations Program Supervisor Brian Hokanson

Debuted in January 1999, Ski Idaho’s license plate program is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  KIVI Boise reports the program provides about 45% of Ski Idaho’s annual funding which is used to market Idaho’s 18 alpine ski resorts:

“Nearly half of Ski Idaho’s funding — about 45 percent — comes from our license plate program. It’s our biggest source of income and allows Ski Idaho to do important work like marketing our fantastic resorts to potential visitors and offering our acclaimed Idaho Peak Season Passport that lets 5th and 6th graders ski or board 18 mountains for only 18 bucks.” Ski Areas Association Board Chair Bob Looper 

Ski Idaho’s publicist, Tony Harrison, says Idaho may have the distinction of being the first U.S. state to issue an automobile license plate featuring a skier:

“I’ve tried to track down experts on the subject to confirm this to no avail, However, when you search the Web for ski-themed car license plates, the oldest I’ve found is a 1947 one from Idaho that says ‘Vacation Wonderland’ and sports the silhouette of a skier in mid jump with two snowy mountain peaks in the background. The next oldest ski-related license plate I’ve been able to find dates back to 1958 in Colorado.”

Here’s one for sale on Ebay for $200:

Idaho Transportation Department reports that nearly 5,000 Idahoans are currently rocking the specialty ski plates which can be purchased for $30 (approx $150,000 total funds raised). You can visit your local DMV or online to order Ski Idaho plates for your vehicles….looks like rad is still available:




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