How To Ski In All 50 States (Part 3 of 5) MA-NJ

How To Ski In All 50 States (Part 3 of 5) MA-NJ


How To Ski In All 50 States (Part 3 of 5) MA-NJ


I’m back with how to ski every state in the US! If you need to get up-to-speed, check out Part 1 and Part 2. I am going down the list of states, alphabetically, and telling you how you can get some sort of skiing (preferably snow) done in each state!

*Cover Photo- Voodoo Mountain Cat Skiing (Mount Bohemia, MI)*


Where: Jiminy Peak

Fun Fact: Jiminy Peak has a 4.6 megawatt wind turbine that was installed in 2007.

Why: Jiminy is one of that largest ski resorts in all of southern New England.

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Where: Mount Bohemia

Fun Fact: Mount Bohemia is the only back-country oriented resort in the Midwest. You won’t find any grooming or snow making here, just ~280″ of annual lake effect powder.

Why: Mount Bohemia has been on my list for years. They also offer the only cat-skiing operation in the Midwest on Voodoo Mountain. Seriously, check this place out.

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Where: Lutsen Mountains

Fun Fact: Lutsen is home to four peaks, and the Midwest’s only Gondola.

Why: Lutsen has the most terrain to offer in MN. Also, riding a gondola in MN feels so wrong that it feels right.



Where: Mississippi River (Water Skiing)

Fun Fact: There are a whopping *ZERO* ski resorts in Mississippi.

Why: Might as well get a water ski run down on the river, right? Sounds dangerous.

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Where: Snow Creek

Fun Fact: Snow Creek is now on the Epic Pass.

Why: There’s only two options for snow skiing in Missouri. I figure I’ll end up with an Epic Pass and make a few turns on Snow Creek’s 300′ of vertical.

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Where: Big Sky

Fun Fact: The Lone Peak Tram offers 300 degrees of steeps on Lone Peak!

Why: It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s legendary. I have wanted to go to Big Sky since I was just a lad.

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Where: Devils Nest (Defunct)

Fun Fact: Nebraska does not have any open ski resorts. Devils Nest is (or was?) the only resort.

Why: This one is a long shot, but maybe I’ll be able to ski this hill someday? I’m thinking a little bit of snow falls, I skin up, and ski down? Again, I’m desperate here.


Where: Lee Canyon

Fun Fact: Lee Canyon is only an hour drive from the Las Vegas Strip.

Why: I know there’s some great skiing in Nevada around Lake Tahoe, but there’s something so cool about going skiing right outside of Las Vegas. I plan to do it, someday.

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New Hampshire

Where: Loon Mountain

Fun Fact: Loon is home to New Hampshire’s only Superpipe.

Why: Disclaimer- I have been to Loon before. I’m including it on this list because it’s a great mountain. Excellent terrain, amazing views, and great on-mountain food. Can’t ask for much more.

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New Jersey

Where: Mountain Creek

Fun Fact: Mountain Creek is only an hour drive from NYC.

Why: The resort has over 1,000′ of vertical, not too shabby for NJ!

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