Super Tiny Wearable HD Camera Fits On Finger or Sunglasses

Super Tiny Wearable HD Camera Fits On Finger or Sunglasses


Super Tiny Wearable HD Camera Fits On Finger or Sunglasses


“OPKIX gives you the freedom to capture life’s moments anytime, anywhere in full view as opposed to behind a screen. It’s truly a special feeling to be present and record your experiences at the same time. With OPKIX it’s easy.”

Whether your enjoying tasty grooves at an outdoor music festival or tearing up some backcountry pow with your ski crew, pulling out a phone and watching the scene through gorilla glass rectangle or fiddling with the buttons on your GoPro can take you out of the moment instantly.  Between Smartphones and GoPros you wouldn’t think there’d be much room in the market for another video device but OPKIX is so tiny its hoping to find a footing with its unbotrusive ease of use.  A single camera kit weighs in a just 12 grams and starts at $295. Like GoPro there are also alot of perifieral bells and whistles you can add on. It recoreds at 1080×1080 @ 30fps and comes with a 4GB SSD card that can record 15 minutes of video but I think you can upgrade. Interesting little piece of gear. LEARN MORE HERE

“We believe that today more than ever people should be present. That sometimes it makes sense to put your phone away and simply live in the moments that define us. We believe that a child’s smile should be viewed in plain sight and that any of life’s big moments should be lived with freedom, not from behind a screen. We are creating a movement of trendsetters that value living in the moments they capture and capturing the moments they live in. Together we are OPKIX.”

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