“We plan to offer all customers who have been affected by the virus compensation equivalent to three times the price they spent.” -Club Med

Dozens of guests at the upscale Club Med Yabuli Ski Resort in northeastern China have been struck down by novovirus aka the winter vomiting bug.  The Daily Mail reports the French Holiday group Club Med is doing some serious damage control in the newly minted and rapidly growing Chinese market saying they regretful and taking the outbreak which causes vomiting and diarrhea “Very seriously” giving guests effected triple refunds.

Club Med reports 42 people reported abnormal symptoms, eight of whom were seen by a doctor and none required hospital treatment but the China Daily newspaper reported “more than 200” people had been affected and  accusations were flying on Chinese social media that Club Med company had underestimated the number of people involved. South China Morning Post reports the hotel buffet is suspected to have been the origin of the infection. The entire hotel at the Yabuli is being disinfected.

The Chinese international conglomerate and investment company Fosun bought Club Med back in 2015 for $1.2 billion and China is now Club Med’s biggest market outside France operating six resorts and four others planned to open by the end 2020. Fosun Tourism’s share price dropped by 1.6 per cent to HK$15.1 on Monday.

images from clubmed.us

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