Image from February 10th @ Squaw Valley | Credit: SquawAlpine

Tahoe residents and visitors should brace for another major snowfall over the next few days. NOAA has issued a
Special Weather Statement as well as a Winter Storm Warning for the Tahoe area.

The biggest question surrounding this latest winter storm is where the snow levels will end up at.

SNOW LEVEL UNCERTAINTY: Snow levels will start at 5000 to 6000
  feet, but may rise rapidly to near 8000 feet Wednesday.
  Potential snow accumulations below 8000 feet would be much
  less if this occurs. If snow levels are slow to rise, heavy
  accumulations may occur at Lake Tahoe level and along the 395
  corridor in Mono County.

NOAA: For the Mountain Communities and the Sierra (above 6000 feet)

– Plan for major delays in mountain travel midweek. High
confidence for travel impacts from heavy rains and/or heavy snow
for Wednesday and Thursday.

MORE SNOW: Areas above 8500 feet should plan for a major
snowstorm, with areas of low visibility and increasing concerns
with snow loading on buildings.

HEAVY RAIN or HEAVY WET SNOW? Areas below 8500 feet, the snow level forecast is highly uncertain with scenarios ranging from
heavy rain to heavy wet snow. Plan for both and be sure to clear
any and all drainage areas of snow. Have a plan in place to mitigate
urban flooding concerns due to heavy rains.

– Strong winds are a safe bet for all areas in the mountains.
Primary travel impacts due to winds will range from issues for
high profile vehicles, rough air travel for flying, and impacts
to the higher elevation ski areas.

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