The crown that killed the skier only measured 2 feet deep | Photo: CAIC |Cover: Aspen Center For Enviromental Studies

The man who died yesterday morning near the Markley Hut has been identified as Arin Trook of Aspen, Colorado. The 48 year-old Trook taught at the Aspen Center For Environmental Studies and was a beloved member of staff.

Trook was accompanied by “friends and family members” at the time of the avalanche reports Denver News 7. The slide released on a North-Northeastern facing aspect at an approximate elevation of 11.2k feet and ran some 600 feet before stopping.

Find the entire CAIC preliminary report here: 2019/01/21 – Colorado – Green Mountain, Express Creek

Find the entire Denver News 7 article here: Man killed in avalanche near Markley Hut identified as Aspen environmental teacher

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