The Sierra May Nab 2 FEET+ In The Next Week | Big Trough Could Bring Pow To Much Of The West

The Sierra May Nab 2 FEET+ In The Next Week | Big Trough Could Bring Pow To Much Of The West


The Sierra May Nab 2 FEET+ In The Next Week | Big Trough Could Bring Pow To Much Of The West


The Continental Divide webcam at Rocky Mountain National Park today, 11-18-18 | Cover: WXBEll

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Turkey Day is going to start off a stream of moisture that will impact the west! The Sierra, Tetons, Cascades, Wasatch, and most of Colorado will likely see snowfall next week. The 7 day charts are looking really good for many areas, especially the Sierra who could finally see significant snowfall of 2 feet or more.

Some areas may see 3-5 feet but its way to early to call that!

If so, it would happen along the upper elevations of the Sierra Crest. Models show the higher amounts but accuracy in amounts 5-7 days out are no better than 50/50.

Big snow on the Wyoming/Colorado border today | Image: WXBell

In the short term forecast, Colorado is looking at 3-6 inches by Sunday evening favoring Rocky Mountain National Park and perhaps Eldora. NE winds will push lighter amounts towards the Divide (Loveland/Winter Park). Steamboat may also benefit with decent moisture on the models to the north near the Wyoming border. The Laramie range and areas east towards Cheyenne will see significant snow (10 Plus). Chase to the Laramie Range now!

Long Term:

Snow will develop at some point in the Cascades mid- next week. That will drop south into the Sierra by Wednesday afternoon. Snow will continue in the Sierra through Turkey Day. Additional snow is possible on Friday. That system will move across Idaho, Utah , Wyoming, and Colorado late next week.

Total snowfall in the west in the next 7 days (Majority coming mid to late week). | Image: WXBell

Several areas of the west that have not seen much snow this season will be thanking their Turkey Day wishes for coming true. Powderchasers will issue an updated post late this weekend.

THE GOOD: Expect a pattern change next week…

THE BAD: Amounts are still uncertain but it’s likely deep amounts will be fall by late week in many areas.

Announcement: Our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by the tragic wildfires. Special thanks to Tahoe local Silver Serino, owner of Jiffy’s Pizza in North Lake Tahoe. Silver jumped in his truck and chased to the fires picking up dogs to eventually reunite with their owners. He has several dogs that still need to be reunited. Fortunately, this moisture will help dampen the wildfires in California. Unfortunately it will result in mud slides. The good deed that Silver did has sprung snow into the Sierra forecast!

–Powderchaser Steve 

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