The only way to tell if you’re rolling– the pole mount | Photo: Robert Tadlock

Despite GoPro’s decade long run in the camera aisle at Wal-Mart’s across the country, a 52 year-old man is still unsure as to whether or not, “this damn thing is actually recording.” 

“Youd’a thought someone woulda figured this one out by now,” said Trent Giuseppe, a second home owner and car dealer from Los Angeles. Giuseppe appeared baffled after uploading a day’s worth of footage to his Dell computer. “Not one of my sweet runs was caught on camera, and I paid a $500 for this hunk’a junk.”

Local sources indicated that the Telluride visitor solicited multiple on-hill skiers and riders during his ski vacation, typically asking “is the damn red light blinking or what?” Those same sources confirmed they gave false affirmations to the man in question saying, “yeah, it’s on” when in fact it was still turned off.

At press time, police had been called to The Edge ski shop where the middle aged, vacation skier allegedly accosted the retail manager after he refused to give a refund on the item. The retail manager defended himself by telling authorities, “the GoPro this guy is using is 3 years old anyway. The only way he’s getting that $500 bucks back is if he lets me use that mansion of his next summer.”

*This is a work of satire

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