5 Knuckleheads To Avoid On The Ski Hill [Part 1]

5 Knuckleheads To Avoid On The Ski Hill [Part 1]


5 Knuckleheads To Avoid On The Ski Hill [Part 1]


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Texas Tuck Guy

Often spotted wearing blue jeans pulled up over his rental boots, Texas tuck guy has a need, a need for speed.


The Clueless Backcountry Skier

Clueless backcountry skier always has dead batteries in his beacon and fresh ones in his GoPro. Stay Away! This guy could kill you.


The bachelor party

These guys have been cocked for days and have only gotten three hours of sleep since Friday. Wait till you see them at Après to venture closer.


Full Face Helmet Guy

Full face helmet guy don’t give a shit about you or anyone else on the hill. Full face helmet guy is here to get EXTREME!

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The Aggro Dad

Aggro Dad is already pissed that he has to ski with his kid instead of off on his own. Ski past his kid at over 5 MPH and its going to end in a fistfight (see: Skier Dad Punches Snowboarder | Mountain Rage Video).

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