While multi-mountain ski passes are all the rage, Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana had it’s third consecutive year of record season pass sales.  Daily Inter Lake reports the resort announced Thursday they sold more than 10,000 passes, an 11% increase on last winter which was the previous record:

“While we are excited to announce another successful pass sale from a financial standpoint, we are once again grateful for our dedicated community of pass holders. They are awesome. I say this often, yet I wholly believe it to be true, Whitefish is without a doubt the best ski community in North America. For more than 70 years Whitefish Mountain Resort has provided an idyllic setting for reconnecting with family, friends and the great outdoors. We’re pleased to continue keeping pricing reasonable for this incredible group of pass holders to continue to do what they love—ski!” -Whitefish Mountain Resort Director of Sales and Marketing Nick Polumbus

Season pass holders make up around half of the skiing population at Whitefish Mountain Resort on any given day. Last year the resort set a record for vertical feet skied by guests at 2,098,833,477 feet. Look out for that record to broken this year.

Any locals have an opinion if the new East Rim/Chair 5 was effective dispersing the ever increasing crowds? Is WhiteFish keeping pace with its popularity?

images from WhiteFish FB

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