12+ Inches For Northern Montana | UT, CO, WY Get Snow Over The Weekend [Powderchasers]

12+ Inches For Northern Montana | UT, CO, WY Get Snow Over The Weekend [Powderchasers]


12+ Inches For Northern Montana | UT, CO, WY Get Snow Over The Weekend [Powderchasers]


Total moisture for the west in the next 7 days. Image: WXBell 

[Forecast courtesy of Powderchasers]

Snow will be falling in Alberta Canada this week filtering down to the far northern sections of Montana Tuesday/Wednesday. Areas near Sunshine Village, Lake Louise and Banff will likely see an excess of 9-10 inches by early Wednesday. Models show significant accumulations in northern Montana above 9,000 feet. The majority of snowfall will focus from Glacier National Park and points north, especially the highest peaks of northern Montana. The Logan Pass visitor center at Glacier National Park will see decent accumulations. Its possible that up to 17 inches will fall by late Wednesday night in some isolated locations of northern Montana above 9000 feet.

Snow at Red Lodge Mountain Montana on 9/30

The highlights to close off the week and weekend will be accumulating snows for areas of Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and even New Mexico late this weekend into early next week.

Rain will be falling in many areas of the central and southern Rockies this week (Great for the wildfires) with the remnants of Hurricane Rosa. Rain will also be falling over many areas of California albeit light. Arizona and areas of the 4 corners will see the highest amounts of rainfall. Some very light snow is possible at upper elevations of the Wasatch or Tetons.

Colder temperatures will filter into the Rockies late this week and fall as far south as New Mexico by Monday morning.

Temps are cooling Friday morning over most of the northern Rockies including WY, ID, UT, WA, OR, MT (Celsius at 9800 feet- below freezing) | Image: WXBell

Snow will be falling in the Wasatch, Tetons, and Colorado by Saturday late AM and continue light or moderate through Monday night.

Temps are dropping late this weekend into early next week over much of the west kicking off snowfall to areas including the 4 corners and most of Colorado | Image: WXBell

It’s to far out in our forecast period to pinpoint totals or locations with accuracy. Our best guess is that the 4 corners reap the highest rewards (12 inches or more) followed by the Wasatch and central Colorado. All mountain ranges of the Rockies, including Montana (Big Sky, Red Lodge Mountain, Bridger Bowl), Wyoming (JHMR and Targhee), Colorado and northern Utah will see precipitation in the form of snow this weekend and early next week. Exact amounts and locations will be updated on a later post.

Even the Sierra will see some light snow this week with a quick hitting cold front. Your best odds of snowfall will be in the southern portions near Mammoth Mountain on Thursday but amounts will be light.

Total snowfall through early next week | Image: WXBell

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