Hermitage Club Votes To Raise Funds To Reopen Private Ski Hill

Hermitage Club Votes To Raise Funds To Reopen Private Ski Hill


Hermitage Club Votes To Raise Funds To Reopen Private Ski Hill


Trail Map and Images from The Hermitage Club

Members of the Hermitage Club in Wilmington, Vermont voted to raise the funds to reopen their private ski hill for the upcoming winter. The ski hill was shut down by the government in March 2018. The resort had failed to pay the state $1 million in outstanding sales taxes. In addition, the Hermitage club had defaulted on loans.

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According to the Vermont Digger, members of this private resort voted to increase their annual club dues to help reopen the hill. Annual membership dues are set to be raised from $9,500 to $15,000 per year. The 525 member club voted 209-165 in favor of raising the annual dues, 151 members did not vote.

The Hermitage Club is a private club in Southern Vermont. It includes a luxury residential community, golf course, and the private ski area. The private ski area is the former Haystack Mountain that shut down in 2005.

Are you curious about what membership to this exclusive ski hill costs? Well, a cool $65,000 membership fee is required. Don’t worry, there are payment options in case you need to wait for another paycheck or two to have the cash.

Associated Fees

Option 1 – Full Pay

▪ $65,000.00 ($69,550.00 tax included) paid upon application

▪ Standard Family Legacy annual dues are waived through November 30, 2018

Option 2 – Three Payments

▪ $20,000.00 + $2,375.00 dues* ($23,941.25 tax included) paid upon application

▪ $20,000.00 + $2,375.00 dues* ($23,941.25 tax included) paid on March 31, 2018

▪ $25,000.00 ($26,750.00 tax included) paid on December 1, 2018 – Hermitage Club

If this is all a little too spendy for your liking, you can purchase a one-week membership with full access for $10,000. Better start rounding up the change stuck in your couch cushions.

Find out more here: Hermitage Club

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