“She is lucky she is not paralyzed or dead. We’re lucky she is going to recover and not have permanent injuries.” -Genelle Holgerson

16 year old Jordan Holgerson and a group of her friends standing on top of a bridge in Washington State contemplating a jump when something terrible happened. Jordon was having second thoughts about the 60ft jump off the Moulton Falls bridge in Washington state about 40 miles north of Portland, Oregon when her “friend” decided to shove her in the back and send her over the edge unprepared.  According to The Washington Post Jordan sustained five broken ribs, an injured trachea, a bruised esophagus and air trapped in the lining of her lungs.

Her friend apologized according to Jordan’s sister “She pretty much said that she was sorry for doing it and she wouldn’t have done it if she knew the outcome of it and that she knows it was an absurd thing to do.” Absurdly dumb, searingly dumb, life changing dumb.

Listen, I personally enjoy cliff jumping and we post tons of cliff jumps on Unofficial but this type of shit is NEVER acceptable.  Pushing people at any height can be dangerous and at 60ft it could have been fatal. Don’t be a dick out at the cliffs. If someone isn’t into it just let them be.  We hope Jordan has a speedy recovery.