Hey Ski Resort Owners, Here Is What Skiers And Snowboarders Really Want

Hey Ski Resort Owners, Here Is What Skiers And Snowboarders Really Want


Hey Ski Resort Owners, Here Is What Skiers And Snowboarders Really Want


Photo By: Alex Hoyt | Skier: Tim Konrad | Location: Gore Mountain, NY | Cover Image: Photo From Stevens Pass

We all have our own grandiose ideas on how our local mountains could become even better. We opened the table to ten skiers and riders from across the country to see what they thought would make their respective mountain a better place to ski or ride.   

The question was simple:

“What could your home mountain due to improve?”

We then expanded to ask:

“Do you want a new lift, more terrain or different policies?”

Lewis, Little Cottonwood Canyon UT: “We should establish limits on people coming into the Little Cottonwood Canyon and add a canyon toll both with entrance charge. Increase season pass prices to protect  the canyon resort experience for the fact it’s in close proximity to a large and growing metropolitan area.”

Little Cottonwood Canyon | Photo: Maurice King

Josh, Salt Lake City, UT: “I don’t agree (about) raising season pass prices. If prices keep rising the only people who are going to be at the resorts are elitists and the employees. It will just hurt the locals who are already struggling and putting a lot of money into the resort as is.”  

Park City, UT | Photo: Larry and Linda

Brock, Kirkwood CA: “Kirkwood and the Tahoe resorts should stay open longer (conditions permitting). For example in 2018 some of the deepest days were two weeks before they closed. Kirkwood ended the season with 100% of terrain still skiable and in prime condition. At the other end of the lake, Squaw stayed open for almost 2 more months (than Kirkwood).”

Kirkwood, CA | Photo: glenngould

Haley, Mammoth Lakes CA: “I think maintaining a consistent lift schedule could help Mammoth a lot. It seems on busier days there is lot more pressure to keep lifts turning in wind and bad weather. It’s super frustrating when you have ridden a lift in horrible conditions and they won’t run it on a slower weekday.”

Mammoth Mountain, CA | Photo: jcookfisher

Mike, Killington VT: “Well I’d say something about the housing topic. I think with all the money that the resorts have, they can lend a hand in building new, cheaper housing. I know that is pretty much against ski town economic strategies but man– they have some stupid ridiculous money. Above everything, to me it’s the right thing to do for the community itself.”

Killington, VT | Photo: Wendy Seltzer

Andy, Reno NV: “Dealing with crowds is my only true complaint. Retrofit all lifts with 6-person lift capability.”

6 packs? | Photo: Tomasz Dunn

Dave, Wenatchee WA: “Unfortunately during some times of the year I think crowds are unavoidable. Increasing lift capacity is a dicey situation. It’s good to have faster lift lines but the snow quality suffers when people can get to the goods faster. Most of the resorts focus on adding lifts but not acreage, I think that is the key for improving ski areas.”

Mt Baker, WA | Photo: Peter Stevens

Aubrey, Missoula MT: “Getting to ski areas in Montana is already a hassle but adding a better shuttle system would do so much. Reducing pollution, congestion and traffic could all be helped with a more cohesive shuttle system.”

Whitefish, MT | Photo: Ron Kroetz

Warrren, Silverthorne CO: “Resorts and ski hills should put a focus towards what makes them special, because the grass can always be greener. Not every resort needs to be Breck or Vail”

Steamboat, CO | Photo: Greg Hamilton

Max, New Hartford CT: ”On the East Coast making passes affordable for locals is super important; pass prices were always really steep. Creating deals for residents and students is a great start.”

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