Pro Snowboarder's X Games Medals Stolen From His Home

Pro Snowboarder's X Games Medals Stolen From His Home


Pro Snowboarder's X Games Medals Stolen From His Home

Professional snowboarder Andreas Wiig has had his X Games medals stolen from him home in Norway, according to an Instagram post. Included in the haul was three gold medals, one silver, and one bronze.

Using Google Translate we have deduced that Wiig’s medals were in hiding in his basement, behind two closed doors and a padlock.

Translation by Google:By the end of last week all of my X games medals were stolen. 3 gold, one silver and one bronze. There was a view on my apartment and I hid the medals at the bottom of a plastic box in the basement, behind two locked doors and a padlock. There has never been a burglary in the estate before, but now it has happened. It was idiotic of me to place the medals in the booth, and of course I blame myself for it. These medals have no material value, but to me they mean so unbelievably much. They are proof of something I’ve worked so incredibly hard for much of life. If you have information that can help me get back the medals, I’ll endlessly appreciate it”

As reported by TransWorld SNOWboarding, “Over the course of his professional career, Andreas has won one X Games Slopestyle bronze medal in 2004, one silver in slopestyle in 2006, and then three X Games gold medals, two in 2007 for slopestyle and best trick, and one in 2008 for slopestyle.”


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