VIDEO: Was Last Month The Most Progressive Month In Surfing Ever?

Has surfing reached a tipping point where the once unthinkable is becoming  common place and perfected? Just look at this compilation of waves from the month of May by SURFER Magazine…they aren’t just landing airs anymore, they are stomping them.  Amazing time to be a surfer:

In order of appearance:

1 – Ramon Navarro. Cloudbreak, Fiji. Filmed by Taylor Curran

2 – Albee Layer. Maui. Filmed by Dan Norkunas

3 – Laurie Towner. Cloudbreak, Fiji. Filmed by Gary Parker

4 – Seth Moniz Backflip. Waco, Texas. Filmed by Ryan Simalchik

5 – Danilo Couto Cloudbreak Fiji. Filmed by Owen Milne

6 – Filipe Toledo. Rio Pro. Footage courtesy of the WSL

7 – Eric Geiselman’s Ally-Oop. Keramas, Indonesia. Filmed by Victor Pakpour

8 – Brett Barley. Outer Banks, North Carolina. Filmed by Jeffrey O’Neil

9 – John John Florence. Rio Pro. Footage courtesy of the WSL

10 – Jyoti Walker. Nias, Indonesia. Filmed by Jayden Morrison