UPDATE: Up To 60" For The Sierra | New England Grabs 1-2 FEET! [Powderchasers]

UPDATE: Up To 60" For The Sierra | New England Grabs 1-2 FEET! [Powderchasers]


UPDATE: Up To 60" For The Sierra | New England Grabs 1-2 FEET! [Powderchasers]


Forecast image for tomorrow | Image: NOAA | Cover: ODOT

[Forecast courtesy of Powderchasers]

New England is picking up snow currently with 2-5 inches being reported in many areas of southern and central Vermont. Heavy moisture focused to the south will edge up the coast today bringing 15-20 inches to coastal communities and 9-12 inches today to many ski resorts favoring New Hampshire and Maine (Conway and areas east should see the higher amounts). Storm ski through last chair and be rewarded especially late. Areas in New Hampshire and Maine will see the heaviest snowfall through this evening. Once the low pulls north, a decent fetch of continues light to moderate snow will develop over most areas (Favors central and northern Vermont, New Hampshire). Keep chasing, as some sneak up powder days are likely Wednesday and Thursday. Expect an additional 5-10 inches between late Tuesday night and Thursday morning in many areas (Central and northern areas favored). Its going to be a constant refresh! Currently as of 10AM EST, Sunday River has delays on 2 prime lifts so if they don’t open you may get double digits for Wednesday.

Current Boston Radar

In the West, all action turns to California through Saturday. Peak snowfall will happen Tuesday night into Wednesday (Warm followed by cold), and again Thursday night and Friday. Expect 9-14 inches by Wednesday morning and another 1-2 feet for Friday. The southern Sierra seems favored with Mammoth most likely scoring 4-6 feet at the summit by Friday afternoon. There is a distinct break on Thursday so if anyone is lucky, summits might pop (Miracle for Mammoth). Additional light or moderate snow will be likely Friday night into Saturday (5-8).

Total snowfall in the Sierra through Saturday morning. | Image: WXBell

Light to moderate snow is likely in many areas of The Rockies by Wednesday. Its going to be a quick 3-5 inches at upper elevations favoring central Idaho, Western Montana and perhaps the Wasatch with any luck. The Euro shows a chance of 5-10 inches for the highest peaks of the Wasatch (Northern areas are favored with SW flow as well as BCC) by Thursday morning. The GFS shows less.

In the Cascades, chase if your there for Wednesday with 4-7 inches likely above 4,000 feet (Mt Baker may see higher amounts).

In Colorado, I’m bullish for moderate snowfall for the highest peaks of the San Juan Mountains Thursday. 5-11 inches are likely above 9500 feet near Wolf Creek by late Thursday or early Friday (Most snow falls late Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon). Winds shift from the SW to the west Thursday afternoon shifting snow to most of the central and northern mountains. Crested Butte may fare best with 4-7 inches by late Thursday night followed by the I-70 corridor late Thursday and Friday (3-6 inches). It’s possible that Friday morning sees some sneak up powder days for the I-70 corridor.

Total snowfall in Colorado through Friday morning | Image: WXBell

Drive safely if you are chasing! In California you must carry chains on any non 4X4 (You will need to use them) and in some cases wacky rules require them on AWD. Look for possible road closures especially Friday morning on I-80 so plan back routes (I once drove 3 hours to Squaw at 3AM to bypass a closure and made 3rd chair). The Weekend will deliver openings both Saturday and Sunday especially upper mountain.

-Powderchaser Steve

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