Ski Bum's Dog Hasn't Been The Same Since That Edibles Incident

Ski Bum's Dog Hasn't Been The Same Since That Edibles Incident


Ski Bum's Dog Hasn't Been The Same Since That Edibles Incident


Photo (+Cover): anneheathen

Charlie, a dog owned by Bob and Linda Stallings of Truckee, CA, is still recovering from what its owners referred to as an ‘edibles incident’ that occurred just over two years ago.

During a Halloween pre-game party, the married couple left a pair of the cannabis infused edibles out on the kitchen table. Back then, the newlyweds had just met and Linda’s dog Charlie was not the best trained pooch on the block. After splitting one of the 50gm edibles, they left two extras on the counter before checking out a marginally popular jam band from the early 2000’s.

After the show, the couple returned with friends to find Charlie at the toilet bowl, attempting to quench an unquenchable thirst. Upon glancing into the kitchen, they quickly found out why. Charlie had somehow made his way up to the counter and eaten approximately 100mg of ‘Ganja Gummies.’ As a result– the mischievous little pouch also feasted on 3 of Linda’s Sorel’s with the little remaining leather littered about the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo.

While the dog would eventually escape the throes of hallucinations and indescribable hunger over the course of the next two days, its mind would never be the same.

“At first I was pissed he’d eaten a bunch of edibles I’d spent good money on,” said Bob. “But after realizing how much he’d eaten– I got very worried.”

Linda reacted quickly by turning on a The Grateful Dead Movie and wrapping up Charlie in a fleece blanket. There they sat for the next two days while the dog slowly came back to normal. “Let’s just say the song ‘Cosmic Charlie’ has a whole new meaning for us,” admitted the dog’s owner.

Ever since that fateful night, Charlie can’t stand the sound of the Grateful Dead and whenever that DVD comes on, he bolts underneath the bed until it’s over.

A close friend of the couple and veteran’s assistant said the dog will likely feel the effects for its entire life. “Shit, if I’d eaten that much I don’t know if I’d ever be the same… and their dog only weighs 20 lbs.” And while the dog no longer digs ‘The Dead’ after its ‘long strange trip,’ Charlie is reported to now love the Allman Brothers and whenever Mountain Jam comes on, he is known to roll around for the entire 30 minute jam before returning to the toilet bowl for some much needed refreshment.

*This is a work of satire

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