Aspiring Ski Bum Gets Used To Calling Thursday, 'My Monday'

Aspiring Ski Bum Gets Used To Calling Thursday, 'My Monday'


Aspiring Ski Bum Gets Used To Calling Thursday, 'My Monday'


After being hired as a rental technician by Cottam’s Ski Shop in Taos last week, first year ski bum Caleb Baldwin is getting used to calling Thursday’s, ‘my Monday’ according to sources close to the individual.

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The atypical work schedule is fine with Caleb yet he’s still working on making it sound natural when he tells a female coworker that he can’t go to the ski movie premiere tonight because, “tomorrow is my Monday.” Perhaps more challenging than getting used to the phrase itself is feigning misery when mentioning the start of a work week that includes 2 hour ski breaks daily.

Baldwin’s coworkers say he’s far from comfortable with the phrase with one manager telling UN, “he’s definitely not a local but he’s trying real hard.” 

When approached about his new schedule, the newly minted ski bum remarked that it’s got its up’s and down’s. “Sucks, tomorrow is my Monday but at least I have Tuesday’s off.” He later added, “that’s when the gapes stay home… everybody knows Tuesday’s are the best powder days.” Overhearing the following conversation, the manager of Cottam’s promptly interrupted the interview telling Baldwin sarcastically, “yeah Caleb… mother nature really loves that you have Tuesday off.”

When asked if she was disappointed by Baldwin’s reluctance to attend the Wednesday night movie premiere, the female coworker told Unofficial– “far from it. Guy’s a wuss, it’s like ‘you work at a rental shop,’ come out with me and get drunk. Nobody cares that tomorrow is your Monday.”

*This is a work of satire.

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