Finnish Ski Area Boasts Earliest Opening In History

Finnish Ski Area Boasts Earliest Opening In History


Finnish Ski Area Boasts Earliest Opening In History


Today @Ruka | Photo (+Cover): Ruka Ski Resort

Back in 1994 Ruka Ski Resort opened on October 7th, making it the earliest opening in resort history– until now.

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This year, the ski area located in northern Finland broke that record, opening two slope and chair on October 6th, 2017. Each year, the Finnish ski area is known for hosting what is considered one of the longest seasons in the world. This year, the resort is projected to stay open until early May, providing for more than 210+ ski days this year alone.

The early opening is a result of top of line snowmaking equipment mixed with some northern know-how. The resort recently started storing snow on a couple of slopes by covering them with a white guaze and sawdust a covering that helps keep the snow from melting. Once the forecast looks good, they uncover the snow piles and create a few runs.

“During the winter snow cannons made several meters snow layer on the slope, which was run in the spring time for three large pile. Piles are covered with white gauze and partly sawdust. As a result, ski season starts in Ruka at the beginning of October, with 20 meters wide and half a meter thick layer of snow over the entire length of the slope.”

Mountain Stats:

  • Average Annual Snowfall – ?? (*mostly man-made)
  • Vertical Drop – 660′
  • Lifts – 21
  • Trails – 34 

Find out more here: Ruka Ski Resort

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