A Colorado 14'er Is Currently For Sale | $105 Million Pricetag

A Colorado 14'er Is Currently For Sale | $105 Million Pricetag

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A Colorado 14'er Is Currently For Sale | $105 Million Pricetag


Culebra Peak (14,053′) | Photo (+Cover): David Herrera

Normally peaks whose elevation exceeds 14,000′ are owned by federal or state agencies. Turns out even 14’ers can be privately owned– if you have $105 million lying around.

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A vast ranch property in southern Colorado that holds multiple 13’ers and a single 14’er is now on the auction block and interest is ramping up reports The Steamboat Today. Culebra Peak, Colorado’s southernmost 14’er, is just one of the many stunning mountain peaks within the Cielo Vista Ranch‘s pristine acreage. Right now, groups must pay upwards of $150 to access the peak with those days being limited during select months.

“Dramatic snow-capped vistas not only form the backdrop of Cielo Vista, the peaks are indeed a part of the ranch itself. The top of the Sangre de Cristo range, including the 14,053’ Culebra Peak (the highest privately-owned peak in the world) along with eighteen peaks over 13,000′, besets the eastern boundary of the property for over 23 miles.”Mirr Ranch Group

While many think this type of land sale should be public, it’s important to recognize the power of private environmental stewardship. Still, if bagging all the 14’ers is your end goal, you can still access the peak. You’ll just have to fork over some dough before taking a selfie with a piece of paper that reads: Culebra Peak (14,053′).

The property includes 23 miles of ridgeline that includes eighteen 13’ers and a single 14’er

Property Details:

  • Deeded ownership of Culebra Peak (14,053′) and eighteen 13,000+ foot peaks
  • 83,368 deeded acres encompassing 4 life zones, from foothills, montane, sub-alpine to alpine
  • Thousands of Elk (many 380″+ have been harvested here)
  • Resident herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
  • Eastern boundary is top of the Sangre de Cristo Range ridgeline for over 22 miles
  • Over 100 miles of creeks harboring several species of trout including the indigenous and increasingly uncommon Rio Grande cutthroat
  • Mature forest canopy covering 80% of the property (Aspens, Spruce, Fir, Ponderosa, mixed conifer with upland shrubs)

Find the entire listing here: Cielo Vista Ranch

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