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Brazilian active-wear clothing company Liquido Active has apologized after facing backlash for posting an Instagram photo their models doing yoga on the iconic Hanging Lake log and swimming in its signature blue water despite multiple signs that say not to get in the water and specifically not to climb on the log in an effort to help preserve the ecosystem. Liquido Active has since deleted the photo from their account.

It would be one thing if they were all Brazilians who couldn’t read the signs but one of the photographers in the group was from Colorado…tiss tiss. News9 spoke with the company’s owner:

“I’m so sorry. It was a very bad mistake. I’m so sorry. To be honest, I didn’t see any signs.” Renata Facchini owner of Liquido Active

I call bullshit Renata and think its pretty greasy to play stupid.  Check out the sign right next to the log: 


“To our beloved community,
Our hearts could not be more heavy.
As ALL of you know that follow us, and do business with us, we celebrate and are in awe of nature. We use nature shots in the majority of our posts because we resonate and want to be in the flow with our great mother earth.
We have learned a hard, painful lesson to research our photoshoot destination spots.
In the spirit by which we operate, we have made a substantial donation to Colorado Parks and Wildlife & Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. Most importantly, ALL proceeds from Hanuman Festival will be donated to the preservation of Hanging Lake.
Again, with great humility and a heavy heart, we ask the beautiful state of Colorado to accept our sincere apology.
We would appreciate the help of our community to turn this negative into a positive. Help us design a positive campaign to raise the awareness so mistakes like this can be avoided in the future.
With all our love & deep respect for our great Mother Earth…..
Liquido Active”

The Brazilian yogis aren’t the first people to walk out on the log But the first to make the news about it:

For reference this is how you do yoga at Hanging Lake without pissing off the entirety of Colorado:

[images from liquidoactive fb , pinterest]

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