The opulent ski resort town of Aspen, Colorado just raised the legal age to buy smokes from 18 to 21. Aspen is the first community in the state to do so and is expected to lose $75,000 in sales tax revenue. The minimum age requirement covers all tobacco products and vapes. The move is predicted to curb tobacco addiction in younger adults.

News9 reports there are 225 municipalities around the country that have already raised the age to 21. California and Hawaii are the two states that do not allow sales of tobacco to anyone under 21.

While we can all agree smoking and teen smoking specifically is unhealthy, this may come off a bit elitist to those who already have Aspen in their crosshairs for as a Colorado ski community spoiled by out of towner bizzionaires and not in need of a measly $75K in taxes.

Might be the first place in America where you have to wait to be 21 to walk in off the street to buy your first legal pack of smokes and bag of pot. Thoughts?

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