Just remembering the time world champion bodyboarder Guilherme Tâmega and Pipeline master Jamie O’Brien teamed up to save an unconscious man who was knocked out after hitting his head on the reef during a wipeout at the world famous break.

When sh*t gets real on the water, its all hands on deck. Doesn’t matter if your a lifeguard, a doctor walking down the beach or some of the world’s best watermen:

“The first person to the scene of the rescue is Tamega, an off-duty lifeguard, who hops off his bodyboard and begins dragging McGinn to shore. O’Brien is next to respond and is quick to assist Tamega in getting McGinn onto a surfboard and ferrying his limp body back to land with the help of others from the North Shore Lifeguards Association.”

Here is the entire sequence and a interview with Guilherme:

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