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You have probably heard of “hands free” phone use for safety but have you heard of “ear open”? Well as you might already know, bikers need all their faculties to stay safe out on the roads and your sense of hearing can be compromised if you’re constantly rocking earbuds.

Ahead is a new Kickstarter product that is trying to address this “ears open” issue through a detachable bluetooth connected device that turns any helmet into a smart helmet.

With 33 days left and $30,684 pledged towards their $50,000 crowdfunding goal, I’m wagering this will go into production. With a early investor price point of $99, it’s quite a tempting deal but I would need to demo it to see if it actually works. If I were a bike shop owner I would seriously look into these things as add-ons to helmet purchases. 

“When you’re moving fast, headphones are dangerous and holding a phone is impossible. Ahead keeps your ears open so you can tune into your music, phone calls or navigation, without tuning out the world.”“Ahead’s Clear Voice Capture technology means that you’ll be heard clearly on the noisiest city streets, even at up to 60 Km/hr(40 mph). No need for a flimsy, annoying mic in front of your mouth. ““You’ve already invested in a helmet that matches your style and need for protection. Ahead attaches to the helmet you already own, no tools required. Our brackets let you transfer Ahead from helmet-to-helmet with one hand. “

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