Loveland Ski Area lost it’s beloved Bernese mountain dog mascot Toby.  Toby was working as PR dog for the ski area for the past three seasons. When he wasn’t drumming up good vibes for the mountain he was a camp dog that helped kids with disabilities at the Rocky Mountain Village Easter Seals Camp. This is from his owner Dustin Schaefer:

“I roll over in bed hoping it’s just a bad dream. So many memories ran through my head as you passed away in my arms. You touched so many hearts and your kindness made this world a better place. I wish I had half the heart you did. I would never trade away the three years we shared together. I’ll miss your hugs. I’ll miss my best friend.”

…all our love goes out to Dustin and anyone else feeling the pain of missing this little buddy. Rest in peace Toby.

[images from Dustin Schaefer FB & Loveland Ski Area FB ]

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