Vermont slalom skiers, Robby Kelley and Andrew McNealus, are keeping the scene alive up at Mt. Mansfield:

“Stowe closed a month ago but there’s still some sweet slalom training to be had through the moguls on Nosedive. Andrew Mcnealus and I lugged 30 gates, our camping, video and ski equipment up 1.3 miles and 1800 vertical feet to get one last day of training in at Stowe this year. Ended up getting 8 awesome and kinda scary/exhilarating runs through the narrow and bumpy strip, and a bunch of cool footage. Enjoy!”

I hope these two went to town afterward and drank a beer with their GS suits and didn’t say a thing about it.  Well done boys. Share this around with your racer friends, guaranteed to get a smile.

[images from Robby Kelley Instagram]

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