Avalanche deaths by state. Image: Colorado Avalanche Information Center

According to a released by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, there have been 12 avalanche fatalities in the United States so far this season. With avalanche danger still existing in much of the west this number could climb , but if the number holds it will be 55% below the season average of 27.

Furthermore, there has not been a single avalanche death in the states of Utah or California so far this season. This is especially surprising considering that the many western mountain ranges received snowfalls way above average.

Deaths By Activity

Skiers = 5

Snowmobilers = 4

Climbers/Hikers/Snowshoers = 3

Snowboarders = 0

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With backcountry skiing and riding on the rise, it is encouraging to see a drop in avalanche fatalities. To keep yourself safe in the backcountry take a avalanche course, check out KNOW BEFORE YOU GO and make sure you have the proper avalanche gear.

Avalanche Gear Check List

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