“Deplorables ski in jeans!” | Photo: Jon Rawlinson | Cover Photo Via Laurent.

Some people think the first 100 days of a presidency are a red herring water mark of performance but Unofficial Networks just received a dump of denim clad data that says otherwise.

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A detailed report from Mt. Tomahawk in central Idaho is saying people now feel ’emboldened’ to wear Jeans when they ski after having been too scared to do so prior to the Donald J. Trump presidency.

The study indicates that with Trump in office, the fear of being harassed for nonconformity on the ski hill has virtually disappeared. The data in question was part of a larger program that had lifties surveying people’s preferred outerwear. Of the 1,200 people surveyed, roughly 129 folks decided to leave their chalets with blue jeans tucked into their ski boots.

When asked in person about the preference, one such skier said “my jeans reflect a country and sport that used to be great. I think Donald Trump understands that.”

Indeed, skiing in jeans was wildly popular in the early 70’s and then again in the late 80’s. The man went on to praise the latter of the two periods saying, “when Reagan was president we all skied in jeans– it’s just what we did.”

*This is a work of satire

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