This Ski Backpack Is Meant To Be Worn On Chairlifts

This Ski Backpack Is Meant To Be Worn On Chairlifts


This Ski Backpack Is Meant To Be Worn On Chairlifts


If you are the type that can’t go a day without a backpack while resort riding, this kickstarter product might be right up your alley.

LiftRider Backpacks attempts to make riding chairlifts with a backpack safer and less of a hassle while not removing your pack. LiftRider Backpacks ($120) have already surpassed their fundraising goal, so they will go into production. We will potentially see them on the hill in the fall.

Key Features:

Relax on the Chairlift

LiftRider’s ultra low-profile design lets you sit back and relax on the chairlift. LiftRider’s wide low-profile bottom compartment is super thin. Even with a jacket and a fleece inside and 2 litres of water in the bladder you can sit back comfortably.

Staying hydrated = Fresh legs all day

It is incredible how fast you get parched at altitude in dry air when exercising. Dehydration is the number one cause of muscle fatigue and cramping. You will be amazed at how much longer your legs last with a drink between runs.

Lift-safe breakaway design

Packs that get caught on the chairlift are dangerous. LiftRider’s sleek design has no external webbing or loops to get caught. But if it does somehow get caught, LiftRider is designed to breakaway.

…after a several incidents this season involving backpacks on chairlifts, I’m partial to removing backpacks and riding with them on your lap. Lest we forget, here are a few vids to refresh your memory:  

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