WATCH: Late Spring Snow Brings Avalanche Danger To UTAH

WATCH: Late Spring Snow Brings Avalanche Danger To UTAH


WATCH: Late Spring Snow Brings Avalanche Danger To UTAH


“When you’re coming up Little Cottonwood Canyon Road, you are more often in an avalanche zone than not.” KSL’s Sean Moody

While conditions at Snowbird are banging right now, members of the Utah Department of Transportation and the Utah Avalanche Center are urging caution for those driving Little Cottonwood Canyon Road. With recent snow accumulation in the Wasatch Front, UDOT workers are keeping a sharp eye on avalanche risk in the canyon. KSL spoke with  UDOT Avalanche Supervisor Matt McKee:

“It’s something we’re monitoring. It’s not too dangerous to the road right now. We did close (the road to Mt. Superior, which is our most active big slide path.” 

More canyon snow is expected this week and McKee expects to stay busy:

“We’re going to repeat (the amount of snow) we just got last night and today (on) Wednesday night and Thursday night, so we’ll be back up to a higher avalanche hazard level.”

Road closures will be issued according to danger levels but McKee wanted to issue a special warning to backcountry skiers and snowboarders:

“The hazard’s going to rise in the backcountry when you get hit like that. Most of the people out look pretty savvy, but if you weren’t expecting it you could get into trouble today.”

The Utah Avalanche Center has stopped publishing official advisories for the season, but workers there warn as long as there’s snow on the mountains, there’s some risk. Stay safe and know before you go.


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