VIDEO: Prototyping Ski Helmets With Handheld 3D Scanners

VIDEO: Prototyping Ski Helmets With Handheld 3D Scanners


VIDEO: Prototyping Ski Helmets With Handheld 3D Scanners


Looks like James Bond’s buddy Q would have a field day at Scott’s R&D lab in Geneva, Switzerland.  This video was posted by the 3D scanner company, Creaform. Here is an excerpt from a write up the company posted to their website:

“For Bertrand Didier, Chief Engineer Sports division at SCOTT Sports SA, 3D scanning came as the perfect solution in the development of high-performance headgear that meets both the industry’s safety requirements as well as athletes’ fit and comfort. A helmet features such a complex shape that a hand model is sometimes the easiest approach a designer can use. Working with a clay model, which can be easily converted into a 3D model gives designers and engineers the maximum flexibility and freedom to play with the models until they achieve the perfect shape. Familiar with the benefits of 3D scanning through past use of external service companies and entry-level 3D scanners, Didier and his team saw 3D scanning as an opportunity to rapidly digitize human figures as well as complex shapes in high resolutions for fast and accurate conversions of their clay models into CAD designs. The team needed a versatile and user-friendly solution that would yield accurate measurements fast—all while eliminating the need for long measurement sessions and costly prototypes. That’s how they found the HandySCAN 3D.”

Love to see cutting edge tech used along side clay to strike the perfect 21st century balance between old and new/art and science. If you know anyone in school for design please show them what the future might hold. Well done.

To read more please go to Creaform’s website for the complete article HERE

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