Colorado Ski Area Under Fire After Feeding Its Employees Cafeteria Tray Leftovers

Colorado Ski Area Under Fire After Feeding Its Employees Cafeteria Tray Leftovers


Colorado Ski Area Under Fire After Feeding Its Employees Cafeteria Tray Leftovers

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Located on Colorado’s western slope, Mount Beaver is known for catering to its guests every whim– whether that means free slope-side cookies after a day of skiing or providing in-room “massages” for its top shelf guests.

That same respect seems to fallen short concerning the ski area’s employees. On Friday server and ski bum, Jessica Winter filed suit against the ski area alleging that the food and beverage department is feeding its employees guest leftovers from the base lodge dining area. Her suit claims that F&B managers are “repurposing” food items left on cafeteria trays, an action that’s caused multiple instances of food poisoning throughout the winter workforce with the sole exception of those in management positions.

According to court documents, Winter eyed a manager disposing leftovers from food trays into a separate bin hidden in the back of the freezer marked “Reusable Food.”

Winter, who had earlier suffered from multiple bouts of food poisoning throughout the season, said she became suspicious when she found a hand lift ticket in the family meal before her lunch shift. “We were supposed to be having Pasta with peas and alfredo sauce as the family meal,” said Winter. “I put my fork into the noodles and lifted the pasta and there it was– a lift ticket packet soaked in cream sauce.”  

Since filing the suit, multiple employees have spoken out against such treatment with their own horrifying stories of eating “repurposed” food. One of those people is Tim James. James, who works as a line cook, started sniffing around when his manager told him that he’d be taking over the duty of cooking the “family meal.” 

James recounted the strange scene saying, “It seemed weird. Now that I think about it, he hand’t spent a day on the line in his life before taking over family meal.”

He went on to recount how the manager cooked a “chicken casserole.” During the meal, James’ was eating next to a colleague and clerk who wishes to remain anonymous. The source said he bit into a slice of the casserole but as he was chewing he realized something was amiss. “I knew something was off so I spit that shit out into my napkin.” Inside the napkin was a combination of sorts: a half eaten Snicker’s bar, a leftover chicken finger, and a nibbled on Rice Krispes treat. Yet with fears of losing his season pass for whistleblowing, the anonymous source kept on eating. “Who can afford to buy an actual meal at this mountain?– $15 bucks for a Burger– not on my minimum wage.” 

During the court’s opening remarks, a Grand Junction judge tossed out the suit saying, “they’re ski bums… they’ll eat whatever you put infront of them. Case dismissed.”

*April 1, 2017


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