Powder Watch For New England: 10 - 18" of Snow By Midweek

Powder Watch For New England: 10 - 18" of Snow By Midweek


Powder Watch For New England: 10 - 18" of Snow By Midweek


Report: Powderchasers.com


While the West has been soaking itself in Cream Cheese (Tetons, Cascades) the East is going to nab a significant spring storm with cold temperatures! We heard conditions yesterday at Whitefish Montana were deep (Might have been the best chase of the day) warm air created some funk at lower elevations where upper spots skied deeper but still on the heavy side for Montana standards (They are the cold smoke capital). It rained at mid and lower elevations of the Tetons where upper mountain skied with smooth deep cream (No bumps let it rip hero snow). The East is on the spotlight this week!


Light to moderate snow is falling in the Cascades with snow levels that should hover around 4,000 feet (Upper elevations of Stevens could be decent through tomorrow with some weak convergence settling in).  Snow levels have been flip flopping but get it now since they are going to skyrocket to 6,000 feet later Sunday. Next week does not look like fun!

The next storm due for New England Tuesday/Wednesday will slam the coastal areas of the Mid Atlantic (Including most resorts in PA) before moving up the coast late Tuesday afternoon.  The metro areas near Newark, NYC, Long Island, southern CT will easily see a foot or more snow (Long Island could see 12-17 inches). Most metro snow will happen on Tuesday.  Models are still a ways out on solutions but I’m pulling the plug a bit early. If your flying into any of the New York Metro airports Tuesday it’s likely your flight will be cancelled.

Snow will be piling up Tuesday night into Wednesday over New England. The exact path is still up for grabs.  Our thoughts with models this morning is that the deepest snow will be found from Eastern MA, North Conway, Sunday River, Gunstock, and perhaps Sugarloaf depending on far north the system tracks before heading off the coast. Models are showing anywhere from 12-18 inches for these locations through Wednesday evening.

Other areas of New England including most of the Adirondacks, Vermont and the Berkshires will see snowfall with lower amounts (Early guess of 8-13).  “Everyone is going to get into the action next week so your odds of getting skunked will be low”  The trick is to find the deepest snow.  Currently if you stick south and East your odds should be higher. I will issue an update as soon as models become clearer. If the track extends further inland we will be seeing heavier snow over interior New England.

EXTENDED:The Pacific Northwest stays in a wet pattern next week (Lowering snow levels perhaps by midweek).  There should be a cold front that swings some leftovers through north/central Idaho, Southern Montana and perhaps the Tetons by Wednesday?

Long range ensembles show a higher chance of snowfall further south into the West perhaps by the 3rd week of March.


I was on the chair chasing powder at Mount Baker and ran across the COO of a company in Bellingham called “Erins Baker’s”  Out of the blue a sample pack of granola and breakfast cookies showed up at my doorstep thanking me for my forecasts.  Let me tell you!  These guys have it figured out with perhaps the best granola I have ever tasted.  I really like the double chocolate (Thick bunches of oats and sweet stuff).  My guess is that since it rains so much In Bellingham these guys have nothing else to do but create magic that’s the perfect snack for slamming powder at Mount Baker.  Try this stuff out as I am convinced it it’s some of the best I have tasted.

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