Snorkel Alert For The Northern Rockies/Southern Cascades | Colorado Scores Mid-Week!

Snorkel Alert For The Northern Rockies/Southern Cascades | Colorado Scores Mid-Week!


Snorkel Alert For The Northern Rockies/Southern Cascades | Colorado Scores Mid-Week!



[Forecast courtesy of Powderchasers]

Summary: Powderchasers is camped out in the Cascades with 19 inches of blower pow to day at Crystal Mountain Resort (*The entire mountain open), and dumping heavily as I watch the Super Bowl at the base lodge tonight. Deep snow is going to fall in the Cascades tonight (southern areas favored 10-18) The DEEP continues Monday especially for northern Idaho and Montana. Northern Montana perhaps the mountains surrounding Whitefish will reap 3-4 feet. I really like the chase opportunities this week for the South Cascades tonight, Central Cascades late Monday (Convergence), Northern Idaho, Montana, and the Tetons by Tuesday morning. The Sierra gets a SX#T load of moisture this week (3-5 inches) that unfortunately brings rain to lower elevations by Tuesday. Colorado and Utah get into the deep Tuesday/Wednesday (Warming trend).


Heavy snow is falling in the central and southern Cascades tonight that migrates to most of Idaho late Sunday into Monday (North is favored. Schweitzer may be over the top by last chair Monday (12-18). Snow drops south during the day Monday (AM) and dumps 6-12 inches in central Idaho and another 4-10 inches towards Sun Valley. Cold air and westerly flow will continue snowfall into late Monday especially over the western mountains of Idaho (Sun Valley decreases late Monday where Brundage may reap higher amounts). Northern Montana chases would be epic with several feet expected Monday morning (1st of last chair at Whitefish).


The Tetons who have had several days of snowfall (Wind, Cream cheese and blower on Wednesday) will finally earn deep drier rewards late Monday into Tuesday (12-16 inches or more). Tuesday 1st chair could be epic at Jackson or Targhee under westerly flow and cold temperatures. Light to moderate snow may continue over the Tetons into Wednesday morning. We heard the crowds were off the hook at JHMR on Saturday.

Utah chases might be best Tuesday/Wednesday (20-30 inches) with some caveats. Winds on Tuesday may impact upper elevation lifts and snow levels will be above 7,000 feet putting rain at the bases near Park City and significant snow higher on the peaks. Stick to upper elevations and ski the cream cheese! The Bird, Alta, and perhaps Snowbasin should reap deep cheese that could turn lighter by Wednesday. I might pick Wednesday over Tuesday with less wind ?

Colorado gets into the action late Monday-Wednesday with the most snow falling Tuesday/Wednesday. The southern zones of Colorado get teased with moderate snow late Monday night that gradually works north over central Colorado (Crested Butte) under SW flow. Winds shift to the West Tuesday and crank heavy snow over central Colorado (Irwin Lodge, Crested Butte, Monarch 12-20) and moderate snow over I-70 through and most of northern Colorado (8-14). West winds favor Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, and sometimes Steamboat (Cold air orographics).

I’m not going to highlight the Sierra for the warm temperatures that zoom in especially Tuesday. Monday may see 10-14 inches of POW at upper elevations. Mammoth may score significant snow (1-2 feet) with higher elevations early in the week (Perhaps the summit gets several feet). The models favor the northern Sierra. “I don’t suggest any chases to the Sierra due to strong winds this week with gusts in excess of 150 MPH at the peaks.”

Extended Forecast

The extended looks very wet for the PNW. The power just went out at Crystal so now that I’m in the dark will have to post more details later.

– Powderchaser Steve

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