Powder Alert: 3-4 Feet of Snow Likely For The Sierra This Week

Powder Alert: 3-4 Feet of Snow Likely For The Sierra This Week


Powder Alert: 3-4 Feet of Snow Likely For The Sierra This Week



Report: Powderchasers.com


Another decent 2-4 feet will pile up in the Sierra late this week with a steady stream of light to moderate snow that could add up nicely in the northern Rockies by Friday. Chases might be worthwhile Thursday/Friday in the Sierra as well as the Tetons, Central Idaho, and southern Montana. The deepest snow will be in the Sierra while the northern Rockies get a consistent freshening that adds up.


Light snow and colder temps will swing over coastal BC today teasing most mountain locations with light snowfall especially near Whistler from mid mountain to the peaks.  The week ahead will feature a steady stream of light snow over central Idaho and south/central Montana beginning on Tuesday.  “It’s possible that the heaviest snow falls in areas just north and east of most ski areas in western Idaho early this week with a better chance towards Friday”  We see decent chances of a moderate dump over the perhaps Sun Valley in the extended forecast.  Brundage may also fare well by mid or late this week depending on how far East the highest amounts set up.

Southern Montana near Bridger or Big Sky should get teased for several days (Light to moderate amounts) that  I feel will freshen things up nicely Tuesday-Friday.  Models show 2-4 inches nearly each day so there could be some deep surprises especially later in the week. The sum of all days should exceed 7-12 inches with my pick mid to late week.

The Tetons see light snow as early as Tuesday night that continues through Saturday.  Snow in the Tetons may be moderate at times especially Thursday/Friday.  Total amounts in the Tetons could add up to 12-18 inches by the weekend however there may not be any single deep dump.  My eyes on a chase are focussed on Thursday or Friday.

The Sierra offers the best odds of a deep dump in any single 24 hour period.  Snow breaks out Wednesday night (light) and turns heavy by Thursday morning.  Heavy snow will be falling through Friday with flip flopping snow levels (lake level early, just above lake level Thursday night, and colder on Friday).   Signifiant amounts of snow will be found by last  chair Thursday and again 1st chair Friday.  Expect 2-3 feet above 7,000 feet during the period with up to 4 feet likely at the Sierra Crest (Squaw, Sugar bowl, Kirkwood) by Saturday.  Mammoth might fare well with higher elevations and perhaps drier densities but all areas of the Sierra should be diving deep in the pow by late this week.


Snow will continue lightly in the Sierra into Saturday morning.  There is hope that the Wasatch and most of northern Colorado grab some light or moderate action by next weekend as well.

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