Australia's Ski Season Could All But End By 2050

Australia's Ski Season Could All But End By 2050


Australia's Ski Season Could All But End By 2050


Perisher ski resort

Perisher Ski Resort

ABC News is reporting that Australia’s ski season could shrink by up to 80 days a year by 2050 under worst-case predictions for climate change. The CSIRO’s climate change modeling predicts the average snow season across Victoria and some of New South Wales will loss anywhere between 20-80 days — all but obliterating the 112-day ski season.

Snow levels in the southern slopes and Murray-Basin areas have already seen a significant decline in the past 60 and current predictions are for continued decline in snow depth and duration of snow cover.

CSIRO Climate Science Centre research director Kevin Hennessy, said higher ski resorts such as Perisher would stay open longer, but would not be immune to reductions in snow falls.

“In future we expect a reduction in the number of snow days, the depth of that snow across that season and the duration of the ski season, so we expect a later start to the ski season and an earlier finish,” he said.

“We anticipate by 2030, the opportunities for snow making might be halved with the exception of some of the high resorts where opportunities might be halved by 2040s.”



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