Living in the mountains on a tight budget is way of life that requires thrift. Whether you are bumming rides to the mountain, eating pocket sandwiches on the lift, or bugging your friend to get on their pro-form, being pennywise pays off because it ensures maximum time doing what you love.

Ski swaps are a great place for a cash strapped ski bums to pick up quality gear at affordable prices.  Waiting in the early morning line of your local ski swap nursing a hot cup of coffee with a pocket full of powder ski money has become an annual ritual for many in mountain communities including Jackson Hole.  Judging by the smiles on those JH locals, it looks like this year was another resounding success!

We have Stio to thank for putting together this little recap of this year’s Jackson Hole Ski Swap. They are an outdoor apparel company based in Jackson and they are definitely worth checking out if you a looking for some new gear.