33 year old Italian basejumper Dario Zanon died on the side of the French side of Mont Blanc Massif.  He went missing Wednesday after a failed wingsuit flight from the Aiguille du Midi (3,842 meters) but his body was only recovered Sunday according to the Italian website His body was found at 2,000 meters above sea level between Taconnaz and Bossons glaciers in Chamonix.

He is the cameraman in the video below following his friend and world class wingsuiter Graham Dickinson. This is what Graham had to say about his skill:

“So I tried to shake off my friend Dario with some aggressive flying but the skill of this man is compared to none. He has no trouble keeping you in frame, dodging trees and burbles ( Burble: A separation in the boundary layer of fluid about a moving streamlined body, such as the wing of an airplane, causing a breakdown in the smooth flow of fluid and resulting in turbulence. ) Thank you Dario for your magnifico filming skills.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dario’s friends and family. Rest In Peace.


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