This Is Not Your Everyday Bivouac...

This Is Not Your Everyday Bivouac...


This Is Not Your Everyday Bivouac...


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[All Photos courtesy of Bivacco Gervasutti]

While the term Bivouac usually conjures up images and smells that are akin to a medieval jail cell, the Bivouac Gervasutti in Italy is not your traditional bivouac.

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Perched at 9,300′ in the stunning Mont Blanc Massif, the Bivouac Gervasutti accesses some of the world’s finest climbing and serves as one of the traditional starting points for those looking to ascend the Grandes and Petites Jorasses. The bivy itself is named after Gervasutti Giusto, who alongside Giuseppe Gagliardone were the first to summit the iconic east face of the Grandes Jorasses in 1942. 

However, after over 60 years since the original bivouac was erected, the structure has since been replaced by a modern unit in 2011 and the result is one of the most unusual, beautiful, and environmentally friendly bivouacs in the entire world. The structure includes solar powered LED lights, internet access, computer, emergency radios, hotplate, and power outlets.

Bivouac Stats

  • 12 beds (2 dormitories)
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 entry hall
  • Internet Access
  • 323 square feet
  • Supports 1,980 lbs

Find more information here: Bivacco Gervasutti

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