Prismatic Spring

Sometimes people inspire and sometimes people leave us shaking our heads in disbelief. These guys fall into the second category.

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Taken on Saturday afternoon, the following pictures and video show four individuals trespassing into the extremely delicate and dangerous Grand Prismatic Spring of Yellowstone National Park. They reportedly left the designated boardwalk, ignored signage, and took an illegal stroll across the spring.

The spring itself is the largest in the United States and sports an average temperature of 180 degrees farenheit!

[sigallery id=”H2K73eXaYgDro6CMbQwxaM” title=”Taking An Illegal Stroll Across Grand Prismatic Spring” type=”sigallery”]

Not only is the spring boiling hot, it also discharges 560 gallons of that scolding water every minute. The person who took the photos has since reported the incident to park officials.

*All photos were taken by a Jackson local who wishes to remain anonymous. 

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