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“If you make a list of all the sexual adventures and other escapades that take place in front and behind the bar at La Grotte Du Yeti, you’d have something way juicier than a TV show like Jersey Shore.”

….so says a 22 year old bartender (who wishes to stay anonymous) at one of France’s most popular après hotspots, La Grotte Du Yetiwhen he spoke with

You can find the entire article HERE but these are some of the highlights:

Specialty Shots –

“Jägerbombs are selling like crazy this year, because one of the bartenders found a way to drop the shot into the glass with Red Bull using only his penis. He makes a row of ten shots, and by knocking one over, all the other ones topple over into their glass like dominos. Once he does that once, all the guys in the bar want to try it and show the crowd how manly they are. As a result, I’m seeing a lot of small dicks.”

…guess health codes aren’t a thing in France?

Hooking Up With Tourists-

“Only sleep with them on Wednesdays—the night before they leave. Otherwise, you’ll have to entertain your hookup buddy all week long. At the start of the season, things got pretty wild, but by now, most people have a regular hookup buddy who also lives and works in town.”

….cold hearted.

You can find the entire article HERE