Two Letter .SKI Domain Name Auction Starts Today At 12pm EST!

Two Letter .SKI Domain Name Auction Starts Today At 12pm EST!


Two Letter .SKI Domain Name Auction Starts Today At 12pm EST!


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Some of the world’s most expensive domain names are only two letters.

Facebook’s “” domain leads the two letter value ranking at an estimated value of $8,500,000! is a close second at $8,000,000. The point of all this? Two letter domain names are both memorable, minimalistic, and possibly worth a lot of dough.

So starting at 12pm EST, is offering up 18 two letter domain names in an auction style format that could make someone a lot of money. So far, the 18 domain name include states and country codes. For instance, state-sponsored ski company names like,, and should all be going fast and if you’re business saavy, you might be able to turn one of these names into a lucrative business.

Find the entire list of domain names here: Two Letter .Ski Auction

About 2 Letter Domains

Why do companies invest in two-letter domains? Two-letter domains are super easy on the eyes and on our typing fingers, especially in the growing mobile environment. As mobile growth skyrockets across the internet and particularly within the snow sports consumer market,  users almost exclusively utilize mobile connections and these short domain names will continue to increase in value. Studies show that mobile & tablet use nearly doubled during 2013 which means that the length of the domain name becomes even more vital to companies looking to grow traffic across platforms. The increase in value as a branding tool and future investment is demonstrated in the top ten two-letter domain sales over the last few years.-

Sign up for the auction here: .Ski Domain Name Auction

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