Big Mountain Jesus Is Here To Stay!

Big Mountain Jesus Is Here To Stay!


Big Mountain Jesus Is Here To Stay!


Jesus has risen– he has risen indeed! 

That is the news coming out of Montana as a federal court ruled in favor of Whitefish Mountain Resort‘s iconic “Big Mountain Jesus” this past August. However, the atheist group responsible for the original lawsuit has allowed the appeal period to expire this past week, making any further action against Jesus impossible reports the Billings Gazette.

What does that mean for Jesus?

He will continue to bless skiers as they head on their missionary shredventures @Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Unofficial Op-Ed: Save Big Mountain Jesus!

In August, the 9th circuit court of public appeals threw out The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s lawsuit, which accused the Jesus statue of illegally standing on federal land. The court found that the existence of the statue does not violate the First Amendment, because the statue is itself private property and exists on land leased by the Federal government.

Find the entire Billings Gazette article here: Anti-religion group won’t appeal Montana Jesus statue case

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