Your 7 Day Powder Forecast | Powderchasers

Your 7 Day Powder Forecast | Powderchasers


Your 7 Day Powder Forecast | Powderchasers


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Snow is falling in the Cascades currently which continues into tonight with lowering snow levels (2500 feet).  The PNW has been averaging several days of 3-6 inch dumps so conditions are improving rapidly (16 inches at Crystal in the past 2 days).   Tonight should see 4-8 inches at most areas with good quality by Saturday morning (Crystal, Stevens, Alpental)  Additional snow is likely Sunday (3-7).  We like Saturday as a chase worthy option! Mount Baker might see up to 10 inches by mid Saturday morning (Good density).  Time to hit it.

Sierra- Rockies The Sierra logged up to 30 inches in many areas (Heavenly Squaw) and nearly 2 feet at most of the other resorts along the lake.  We were at Squaw for the duration of the event with most of the mountain closed on Thursday (Avy danger) and limited openings on Friday. Wind has greatly impacted the snow quality with a few sheltered areas that skied well today. Snow was variable from deep condensed powder to variable crust layers from wind.  The upper mountain remained closed today so look for that to pop on Saturday with a fresh coat of 2-5 inches.

Snow will overspread the Sierra late today and continue into the evening (Northern Sierra) Amounts will range from 3-6 inches (Fast moving system).  That moisture zooms through central Idaho and into the Tetons weakening as it moves East.  The Tetons might squeeze 2-4 inches at best. Central Idaho may fare slightly better but the duration of the event is only 4-6 hours.    The Cascade storm on Sunday skims the Tetons and northern Utah Monday night (light snow).  The models show some enhancement over Colorado by Tuesday morning (Light or moderate snowfall) especially along the front range and extending south to Colorado Springs.


There is a distinct ridge of high pressure settling into the West beyond the Tuesday timeframe.  Models are all hinting at some snow returning to the Sierra by the 27th. Stronger systems are likely to move into the Sierra and Rockies in the 1st week of March.  The current trend looks like El Nino with areas of the Sierra, central and southern Rockies reaping benefits.

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