Swedish Ski Area Gains Reputation For STD's

Swedish Ski Area Gains Reputation For STD's


Swedish Ski Area Gains Reputation For STD's


DSC_2003Image by Jean KOULEV

While many think that urban centers are the focal point for all things evil, one ski area in Sweden is making an unholy name for itself. That name is chlamydia.

Known for its rural landscapes and skiing opportunities, Sweden’s Jämtland county now holds the league leader position for STD’s in Sweden with 488 cases of chlamydia being reported in the past year reports the Metro. Stockholm, whose population is vastly greater than Jämtland, only reported 461 cases of the STD!

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Reasons for Jämtland’s STD dominance include a plethora of ski areas in addition to a nearby college, both of which are known for drinking and the lowered inhibitions caused by said drinking. Most of the STD cases are being reported among seasonal workers not tourists.

Sweden also leagues the European league as far as STD’s– GNAR.

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