40-50 inches has fallen in the West! More Snow For The Next 4 Days

40-50 inches has fallen in the West! More Snow For The Next 4 Days


40-50 inches has fallen in the West! More Snow For The Next 4 Days


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Report From: Powderchasers.com

More snow is on the way in the West!  In the short term both Colorado and Utah transition from SW flow to westerly flow.  This will enhance precipitation for the I-70 Corridor of  Colorado (5-9), and continue moderate to heavy snow for the Wasatch (6-11 additional).  The SW mountains of Colorado still gab good moisture (Low is centered in the 4 corners) so expect 6-10 inches additional tonight.  Focus might favor the Durango area mountains through Crested Butte and Aspen.  Westerly winds should provide a wide area of snow statewide in Colorado (i-70 corridor and north to Steamboat).   Most heavy activity drops off by Wednesday morning but will bump to moderate again late in the day. The Tetons should see another 6-10 inches by Wednesday afternoon under Westerly flow. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee had epic conditions today that will only get better!  XMAS presents for everyone.Synopsis:  Too much is going on right now to get into details especially since we chased to both Stevens Pass and Crystal in the past 4 days.  The Sierra got hammered with 40-50 inches of wet snow and wind  with more expected Thursday (Colder- Fluffier- some wind).   The Cascades nailed epic alerts with 3-4 feet in the past several days. Powderchasers was at Crystal today where 12 inches fell overnight (On top of 21 inches from yesterday). Conditions were epic in all of the PNW today. The Cascades have exceeded all snow totals from last year in the month of December alone. Stevens Pass provided us good turns last week.   The Rockies nabbed deep amounts (2-4 feet in Utah- 12-15 inches in central and SW Colorado). More snow is headed to all of these areas in the next 4 days. Keep reading if you like powder.


The Cascades grab moderate snow tonight (Westerly flow) favoring Stevens Pass, Snowqualmie, Alpental and Crystal (3-6). White Pass ski area opens Wednesday!   Snow will also be falling atBaker.  Snow turns heavy on Wednesday with an additional 5-10 inches during the day. Snow continues in the Cascades (Moderate) Wednesday night into Thursday (4-8 additional).  Total snowfall should be 12-24 inches by Thursday morning.  Light snow showers continue Thursday (Catch up day for Patrol). Best powder days  will be Wednesday (Storm ski) and first chair Thursday.


The Sierra nabs another good storm with colder temperatures!  This system is moist but with faster speed so amounts in the 12-18 inch range seem right between Wednesday evening and XMAS day.  Peak snowfall rates will be during the morning and daytime hours Thursday (Some wind issues possible early Thursday decreasing late). Xmas will be a powder day with leftovers and some new snow Friday.


The Rockies will continue to get deep.  Chase to the Tetons Wednesday as it will be snowing moderately all day (5-9). Light snow continues into Thursday (2-5). The Wasatch nabs another 6-11 between tonight and Thursday morning (Snowing currently). Northern New Mexico could also fair well tonight and Wednesday with moisture in the 4 corners spilling into the Northern sections of the State (5-10). AZ gets deep XMAS Day?

The Sierra storm moves inland on XMAS day and heads for the 4 corners. Heavy snow is likely over northern Arizona, and the San Juans Friday.   Wrap-around moisture from the 4 corners will flow from the SW into the Wasatch (6-10).  Moisture will spread north over central Colorado eventually reaching Summit and perhaps the Front Range late Friday morning. Snow showers continue into Saturday Best powder might be to storm ski the San Juan Mountains Friday and chase it north for first chair Saturday.

We might be in a bit of a lull after these storms as models hint as storms staying north over BC and eventually sliding down to the PNW late next week?

Powderchaser Steve- Happy Holidays!  Santa is bringing early gifts!  Now we need the East Coast to catch up.


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