WATCH: "Skiing Is A Young Man's Sport" - Bode Miller

WATCH: "Skiing Is A Young Man's Sport" - Bode Miller


WATCH: "Skiing Is A Young Man's Sport" - Bode Miller


As a 38 year old father of three Bode Miller has been coming to some realizations lately after sitting out a season due to injury. “Skiing is a young man’s sport”, while you might disagree with the 6 time Olympic medalist you’re probably not thinking of the type skiing he is referring to. Bode’s signature aggressiveness, which was borderline recklessness, has found him on top of many a podium but also has taken its toll on him physically. That is why he is looking to branch out and explore other ways to make a living within the sport. He has invested in Bomber Skis and is the perfect spokesperson/posterboy for “the Manhattan-based luxury brand and artisan ski equipment company.” He is also trying his hand at commentating although he decided to stick with his traditional raceday outfit. Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 11.10.21 AM

Here is looking dapper modeling for Bomber SkisBode-Miller-Portillo-Timberline-web_1024x1024


Bomber Ski commercial

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