5 Items To Keep You Warm On The Ski Slopes

5 Items To Keep You Warm On The Ski Slopes


5 Items To Keep You Warm On The Ski Slopes


Living in a ski town there are cold days and then there are unbearably cold days. I’m talking about the below 0° days that will leave your fingers and toes frostbitten and your face begging for mercy. And for some it’s not just those days. Those with Raynuad’s disease suffer from chronically cold hands and feet and in my opinion nobody should be restricted to skiing because of a disease or any other physical ailment.
So in order to break the cold and bring some warmth to skiing, here are the 5 crucial items for staying cozy.

Boot Warmers

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You might see some ol’ vets walking around with these hanging from the back’s of their boots but Boot Warmers are not just for the old folks. People with Raynaud’s or simply having perpetually cold feet is reason enough to grab a pair. Bottom line is that they work.


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There really is no better solution for cold hands than a quality mitten. Sure, you can pull your fingers into your glove in a ball and get the same effect but then you can’t ski like that. With Mittens you can keep shredding while your fingers stay nice and cozy.

Pocket Warmers

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Pocket Warmers have been around for a long time. Yet they are still neglected by many. Not only do they do an awesome job at keeping your digits nice and warm but on winter camping trips, wrap them in a sock, break them up, and slide em into your sleeping bag to warm up during frigid mornings.

The Best Insulated Jacket

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It’s the Unofficial belief that the Patagonia Men’s Nano-Air Jacket is the best insulated jacket on the market. Don’t believe in insulated jackets? Then enjoy that shell system on a negative 0° day.

Quality Ski Socks

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Ahhhhh– new ski socks. Maybe the best buy skiers can make all year is a pair of brand new ski socks.

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