Purpose Built "BikePacking" Bike by Rocky Mountain Bikes

Purpose Built "BikePacking" Bike by Rocky Mountain Bikes


Purpose Built "BikePacking" Bike by Rocky Mountain Bikes


“The bike rips. Its not just a painful slog to see sights”

Cool to see equipment keeping up with the trends.  Bikepacking has been around for a while and is gaining in popularity.  These guys simply built a product to cater to its specific demands…

“Bikepacking has been around for a long time, but we wanted a bike that could tackle more challenging terrain and would let us get a little rowdy—even loaded down for multi day self-supported adventures. The Sherpa is designed to carry you and your gear to the ends of the earth, far from the nearest Strava segment.

The inspiration for the Sherpa came from our lead product guy Alex Cogger, whose own rides were getting longer and weirder and more rugged. Through strategic cooperation with WTB we were the first to experiment with 27.5+ tires and rims, and over the last few years we prototyped several bikes to test the capabilities of the wheel size. It was immediately clear that the increased float and traction was a great match for overland bikepacking.

The Sherpa debuted as a concept bike at Sea Otter 2014—complete with a custom Tibetan Snow Lion paint job. The awesome response it got from riders wanting to expand their exploration capabilities convinced us to bring it to production.

Fully loaded overlanding requires an extended gear range. We began with our proven Element carbon front triangle and designed a wider rear end to ensure that a front derailleur would clear even the widest tires.”

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